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Our Campus

Francis Marion University’s campus is set amongst 400-plus acres of naturally landscaped low country forest. It’s walkable. It’s peaceful. It’s beautiful. What a great place to learn and live!

Our Students

FMU students come from across South Carolina and around the world. Meet some of your future friends here.


FMU’s faculty are accomplished scholars and researchers who are experts in their fields. But what they really love is the classroom and building relationships with their students. FMU’s small classes and intimate environment make that possible.

Student to Faculty Ratio

Our Programs

FMU offers students more than 75 majors and courses of students. Core classes in the liberal arts and the humanities give every student the foundation they need to grow and develop as an individual. Professional schools and majors prepare them for a career in the field of their choice. FMU’s expanding graduate programs offer master and doctoral degrees for students who want to continue their studies.

School of Business

The FMU School of Business provides students with an array of pathways into the world of business with majors in everything from Accounting to Economics to Computer Science.

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School of Education

FMU is known as one of cradles of teacher education in South Carolina. The School of Education has produced hundreds of teachers and administrators for schools across the state, and continues to be a source of innovation and excellence in the field. It is the host of the largest Teacher Cadet organization in South Carolina.


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College of liberal Arts

The College is home to the natural and social sciences and the core humanities curriculum. It includes majors like English, History, and Political Science, but also Biology, Pre-Med, and FMU’s fast-growing engineering programs.

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School of Health Sciences

This is FMU’s newest professional school. It’s built upon the proud traditions of FMU’s Nursing Department. FMU’s undergraduate nursing program is still under this roof, but so are graduate programs for Nurse Practitioners, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, and more.

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Our Goal … And Yours

Graduation is the most special of days at FMU. Why? You’ll find out or yourself in just a few years. In the meantime, FMU trustee emeritus Gail Richardson has a cool explanation.


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